Monday, January 28, 2008

Never Assume . . .

We moved Meridian to a new storage yard this winter and I didn't stop by until several weeks after they shrink-wrapped her.

You'd think I'd take a look first but, no, I stopped at Home Depot to buy a ladder before going to the the yard (we left the old ladder at the old yard).

Maybe it was the excitement and anticipation of visiting Meridian after such a long absence . . . but it never crossed my mind that the entry door could be placed in a different location this year. It's always at the transom where a six foot ladder gets you to the swim platform, then the swim ladder gets you up to the entrance and into the boat.

Suddenly, though, a six foot ladder doesn't quite do the job! The nerve! They put the door on the starboard side!

That's about a five foot step from the top of the ladder to the deck. And I actually tried to stand on top of the ladder and unzip the door. As though I'd really be able to climb in there! Luckily, I was foiled by my inability to reach the top of the zipper.

So, it was back to Home Depot - this time to get real ladder.

You'd think that after almost half a century of "experience" on this planet, I'd have learned better by now!

But, hey, I have to admit it's easier to get into the boat from the side!


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